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Lauritzen Gardens - Omaha Botanical Gardens
Hours and Admission
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Omaha Botanical Gardens Events and Exhibits
Lauritzen Gardens Gone Wild!
From posed to playful, you will encounter elephants, rabbits, hogs, hens, deer, frogs, bears and more as you explore the garden in a whole new way. Opportunities abound to interact with art, take memorable photos, and to learn about the natural habitats, interesting habits, and distinctive personalities of these awe-inspiring creatures created by nationally-acclaimed animal sculptor Dan Ostermiller.
Fall Chrysanthemum Show
In honor of 50 years of friendship with Omaha's Sister City Shizuoka, Japan, this show features an array of brilliant blooms, unique design compenents, and gifts from the people of Shizuoka to the people of Omaha.
Japanese Ambience Festival
For an entire weekend, the garden grounds are alive with merriment as guests celebrate the joys of autumn and experience the Japanese culture first-hand.
Dynamic Singularities and Subtle Dichotomies by Alicia Armentrout
Alicia Armentrout is a writer, educator, and photographer. After leaving Nebraska, securing a degree in Philosophy and aimless wandering around, she stumbled back to discover, anew, the Midwest's fantastic aesthetic. Through her work, Alicia aims to document the Midwest while also showing how culture intersects with our environs to create our understanding of "us."
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Omaha Botanical Gardens Educational Programs
Programs for Adults
Courses at the garden cover a wide variety of topics. From designing centerpieces, to making your own wreaths, or gaining valuable gardening techniques, there’s something for everyone.
Programs for Groups
Find out about the opportunities available for your group, class, or scouting troop to explore our 100-acre outdoor learning laboratory.
Programs for Children and Families
Register today for hands-on, educational programming that is sure to bring a smile to you and your child. Engaging classes and camps are available at the garden year-round.
Birthday Parties at the Garden
Celebrate your child’s birthday with a nature-themed party at Lauritzen Gardens.
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