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Lauritzen Gardens strives to make our community a more beautiful place to live and work and continues to provide new and exciting opportunities for lifelong learning about the importance of plants in our lives. The garden celebrates the bond between people and plants by instilling a deeper understanding of the need to conserve earth's biological heritage and by promoting an ethic of environmental stewardship through its programs and displays. 

Lauritzen Gardens looks to expand its educational programming, environmental awareness, facilities maintenance and development as well as horticultural health and diversity. It is a valuable resource for the community, which must be maintained and enhanced for present and future visitors. 

There are many ways to support Lauritzen Gardens - through giving to the annual fund, sponsorship of an event or fixture of the garden, a charitable legacy gift or through a tribute or memorial in recognition of a friend or family member. To find out more, select from the list on the left.


In 2018, visitors will discover a new burst of color at Lauritzen Gardens. A dramatic display of brightly-colored flora will be a highlight of the garden throughout the growing season. From a spring garden packed with pansies to summer beds bursting with brilliantly-colored blossoms, to fall beds full of chrysanthemums, your year-end gift will help us establish and preserve this bountiful and beautiful horticultural display for the enjoyment of our community. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that Lauritzen Gardens advances its mission to provide memorable educational and aesthetic experiences for all.

Your gift celebrates, honors and remembers the COLORFUL people, moments and events that make life special and helps to cultivate and sustain the garden for the future.
     YELLOW: $2,500 - Provides yellow flora throughout the growing season
     RED: $1,000 - Provides the red flora in the spring and summer
     PURPLE: $500 - Provides the purple flora in the spring
     GREEN: $250 - Helps to maintain the color burst garden

Make your gift online today or call the development department at (402) 346-4002, ext. 267.

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