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Wildlife Tree Ornaments

Instructions on how to make some of these ornaments are located below so you and your family can make a wildlife tree for the feathered friends in your yard. 


Cranberry Wreaths 


         Cut a 12-16 inch medium gauge florist wire 

         String cranberries from top to bottom on wire  

         Fill until there is a space of 1 inch on both ends  

         Bend wire in circular shape and twist ends together to make a wreath shape  

         Refrigerate until ready to use  


Citrus Cups  


         Scrape out the pulp of an orange or grapefruit 

         Poked three evenly spaced holes through the skin using scissors, about inch down from top. Poke another hole at the bottom for drainage. 

         Thread a 10-12 inch piece of ribbon through the holes and secure with a knot 

         Tie the three loose ribbon ends together no more than 5 inches above the fruit 


         Fill the cup with birdseeds and nuts 

         Store in a cool, dry place for 1-2 days before displaying 



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