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Lauritzen Gardens Guild

Founded in 1998 with the support of the Loveland Garden Club, the Lauritzen Gardens Guild membership is comprised of enthusiastic civic leaders from Omaha and its surrounding suburbs. The Lauritzen Gardens Guild is a volunteer organization dedicated to the support and growth of Lauritzen Gardens.

The guild is committed to assisting Lauritzen Gardens by broadening its awareness in the community, raising funds for its support and providing services that advance the garden's mission. Money raised through guild events supports educating children to celebrate the bond between people and plants- by engaging them through programs and displays that help to instill a deeper understanding of the need to conserve the earth's biological heritage and by promoting an ethic of environmental stewardship.

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2024 Guild Events:

Deck the Holidays Luncheon
"Stop. Breathe. Go" featuring David Beahm
Tuesday, December 17, 2024 at 11:30 a.m.

David Beahm is coming to Omaha to share "How the sausage is made," with an in-depth journey behind the scenes of a luxury wedding that few have the  opportunity to see. 

Beahm, founders and president of David Beahm Experiences, is known as one of New York's top event designers. A favorite of celebrities, socialites, corporate clients and the fashion world, David has a broad-based background in the arts; thus he views event design as a combination of theater and art. Emphasizing style, quality, and originality, his creations combine cutting-edge ideas with timeless tradition. 

David's insights and designs have been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Style, The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Town & Country, People, Brides,, as well as a number of appearances on television and digital platforms. He is a well-known speaker in the field of luxury weddings, and maintains a witty and entertaining repartee on Facebook and Instagram. 

When he's not producing events, David stays grounded by keeping his hands in the dirt, growing wildflowers, production flowers, herbs, and vegetables. 

Event Chairs: Haley Armstrong, Alyson Manning, and Stacey Patterson
Honorary Chair: Kyle Robino

Inspiring: Lauritzen Gardens Guild Luncheon
"A Year at Clove Brook Farm" featuring Christopher Spitzmiller
Thursday, June 6, 2024

Christopher Spitzmiller is coming to Omaha, to share seasonal stories and excerpts from his wildly successful book, A Year at Clove Brook Farm: Gardening, Tending Flocks, Keeping Bees, Collecting Antiques, and Entertaining Friends, selected as a “must-read” by Town and Country in 2021.  

An artist, beekeeper, gardener, designer, and lover of antiques, Spitzmiller is known to his friends and Instagram fans as the ultimate weekend farmer, who raises his own handsome chickens, grows his own flowers, and puts up his own jam, cider, and honey. From spring lilacs to summer produce, in this presentation, he will treat luncheon guests to a full year at Clove Brook Farm, his idyllic but always-active country retreat.

When not in the garden, Spitzmiller can be found creating his iconic lamps, tableware, and other ceramics. His celebrated designs are found adorning A-list interiors, including the White House, and are regularly featured in publications including Architectural Digest, ELLE Décor, House Beautiful, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Thank you for joining the Lauritzen Gardens Guild for an entertaining, nature-centered event to benefit our public garden! Together, we raised more than $60,000 to support educational programs at the garden. 

Event Chairs: Amber Gard and Chloe Kuehner
Honorary Chair: Carla Patton-Ochsner
Centerpiece Chairs: Chevelle Behrns and Michael Chelberg

Previous Guild Projects:

  • KidStructure (2008)
  • Quilts in the Garden (2010-2012)
  • Guild Educational Video- "Discover the Garden"
  • Discovery Bags
  • Garden Festivals and Event Hospitality 
  • Easter Extravaganza support
  • Ghoulish Garden Adventure support
  • Merry & Bright/Bright Nights support
  • Special exhibit support
  • Daffodil Deliveries, Daffodils & Donuts
  • Seasons of Giving Tree
  • Summer Adventure Camp support

2024 Guild Board Officers and Members: 
Melissa Darling


Maren Lakers

Maddie Keeling

Vice President of Community & Education             
Megan Monk-McNeal

Vice President of Membership 
Chrissy Sakkas

Vice President of Fundraising
Shelley Elson-Roza

Nominating Committee
Sheila Fitzgerald (chair), Lia Diamantis, Tricia Martis, Katie Triplett

Liz Bowman

2024 Inspiring Event Chairs
Chloe Kuehner and Amber Gard

2024 Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show Liaisons
Melissa Darling, Shelley Elson-Roza, Maddie Keeling, Katie Triplett

2024 Annual Meeting Chairs
Lia Diamantis, Steph Drewnowski, Erica Meents

2024 Deck the Holidays Luncheon Chairs
Haley Armstrong, Alyson Manning, Stacey Patterson

Board Members-at-Large:  

Molly AndersonAshley Harbison 
Brooke BeardmoreBrooke Hudson
Chevelle BehrnsKate Knowles
Katie BlakemanSarah Macdissi
Michael Chelberg
Courtney McGuire
Nicole Clifton-MillsJen Mitten
Ashley DuBois
Mikaela Sibley
Megan EnenbachAmy Troshynski
Jeff FormanekPatti Wild

For questions about the Lauritzen Gardens Guild and its events that support the garden, please contact development associate Sandy Seim at (402) 346-4002, ext. 219 or 






















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