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Photography Policy

Thank you for considering Lauritzen Gardens for a photo shoot. Please read carefully to ensure you are in compliance with our photography policy to produce the best shots while protecting our indoor and outdoor garden areas. 

We want our guests to enjoy the unique visual experiences offered at Lauritzen Gardens. For the safety and consideration of all our guests, we have established the following regulations. We appreciate your cooperation

PLEASE NOTE: Due to renovations, The Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory will be closed from May 13 through November 22, 2024 and the indoor gardens will not be available to use for photography sessions. A second closure for the second phase of the project will occur in early 2025. 

General Information
  • Photography of the plant collection and snapshots of visits for private, non-commercial use, as well as outdoor portrait photography, are welcome. 
    • Private: Capturing your visit with your own equipment for non-commercial use. 
    • Portrait Photography: photographs with a paid professional or unpaid photographer, including maternity and newborns, wedding parties, engagement sessions, school photos, senior photos, and general family photos. 
    • Commercial Photography: photographs or videos of products or individuals, that can be used to sell or promote a product or a service. These sessions require advance booking through the marketing department and a separate fee. 
  • As Lauritzen Gardens is a public place, no privacy will be guaranteed to photographers or subjects. Please do not ask fellow garden guests to move to accommodate your session's needs. 

Portrait and Private Photography 
  • Anyone visiting the garden to take pictures or portraits must either be a Lauritzen Gardens member (with current membership card and photo ID) or pay general admission for every eligible member of their party. PLEASE NOTE: There is no longer a special fee or appointment required for portrait photography during business hours. 

  • The garden is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day. Opening and closing hours vary during the holiday season from November 18 through December 31. There are extended hours (open until 8 p.m.) on Monday and Tuesday evenings from mid-May through mid-September. Photographs at the garden may only be taken during these hours. 
    • If you would like to book a more private, after-hours session:
       - After-hours sessions are by appointment only and must be booked at least two weeks in advance of the shoot date.
      - Sessions are booked from 5 to 6 p.m. as available
      - The fee is $200 for up to 10 people, including photographers, to be paid in advance of the session. 
      - The fee is for photo sessions only and is not for small private events or ceremonies. For private event rentals of any type or size, please see the rentals guide. 
      - To book, or for inquiries, please contact the rentals coordinator at 

  • Personal, in-hand camera equipment, cell phones, and handheld video equipment are allowed for personal use.
    • Monopods may be used on outdoor garden paths only (not inside of the conservatory or in the visitor and education center). 
    • Selfie sticks are permitted. 
    • Tripods and dipods, as well as lights on stands are not allowed in the garden, visitor and education center, or conservatory. 
    • Drones are prohibited 

  • Photographers, subjects, and all equipment must stay out of the water features and garden beds. Please do not climb or stand on artwork or structures, including fencing, rock features, and barriers. Please do not block pathways or other access areas in any way.

  • We ask that clothing changes be kept to a minimum and that items remain with the party at all times. Our public restrooms in the visitor and education center may be used for outfit changes (but items may not be stored there). Portable changing tents are not allowed indoors or outside in the gardens. 

  • We love for you to use the garden as a background, but please keep garden areas as they are. Please refrain from moving furniture, pots, plant labels and/or tags around and please do not pick or rearrange our flowers and foliage for any purpose. 

  • Handheld props are allowed. 

  • No backdrops are allowed and we ask that you refrain from attaching anything to plants, trees, garden buildings and structures (banners, signs, flags, etc.).  

  • Lauritzen Gardens is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen equipment brought to the garden. Any clothing changes must be done in the garden's public restrooms. If you have rented the facility for your wedding and/or reception, a bridal changing room may also be available.

  • No vehicles or pets (with the exception of service animals) are permitted in the garden. 

    Lauritzen Gardens staff and/or volunteers may enact these guidelines at any time. Any instructions given by staff/volunteers be respected and followed immediately. Failure to follow directions may result in being asked to leave the property. 

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography will not be allowed in any part of the garden or its facilities without prior consideration and written consent. For consideration, a formal request for film, video, or still photography must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the proposed shooting date (though we can occasionally accommodate last-minute requests). Requests should include the exact locations needed, number of people that will be onsite, equipment that will be in use, a timeline, and any activities or interviews needed. A valid certificate of insurance may be required. Approval or denial will be given after the consideration process. Please contact the director of marketing at (402) 346-4002, ext. 205 or with questions or requests. 
  • Base fees: during regular operating hours
    • $125 per hour
      • $450 for a half day (4 hours)
    • $875 for a full day (8 hours) 
  • Base fees: before/after operating hours
    • $210 per hour
  • Additional fees may be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the staff and facilities needed for the project.
  • All requests must be approved in advance and fees will be agreed upon prior to the shoot.
  • Commercial photos cannot depict the garden in a negative light or have any associations with organizations that are inconsistent with its brand and/or mission.
  • To protect the garden's plant collection, photographers and subjects are only allowed on public paths unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.
  • Lauritzen Gardens reserves the right to review the script and scenes at any time. Other guidelines or limitations may be set or altered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Artists may set up easels in lawn areas with the understanding that garden maintenance procedures may require their relocation at any time. 
  • Nothing may be stored on the ground around easels. All supplies must be kept in packs the artist can carry while working. 
  • Do not dispose of paints or any chemicals (turpentine, brush cleaners, etc.) while in the garden.  


  • Members of the media may photograph or film areas of the garden for the purpose of news coverage that includes Lauritzen Gardens. All members of the press must contact the director of marketing prior to arrival at the garden. To make arrangements, please call (402) 346.4002, ext. 205.  

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