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Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary

The arboretum and Oberman Bird Sanctuary is a four-acre site with seven regional plant communities: prairie, savannah, oak hickory forest, maple linden forest, farmstead windbreak, marsh and flood plain river margin.

The word arboretum literally means “garden of trees.” In this area, we have planted many different species of trees and shrubs appropriate for a Nebraska landscape. We have used both native trees and shrubs as well as plants which have the ability to adapt to our harsh environment. It will take many years for this garden area to mature due to the slow growth habit of the plants. The site, however, is a relaxing place to stroll and enjoy the young trees and the beautiful vistas to be seen from this vantage point. This area along the Missouri River corridor is a natural flyway for migratory birds. There are feeders and nest boxes located throughout the sanctuary so the arboretum provides a unique area to observe the birds.

In the spring, keep your eyes and ears peeled for polliwogs, tadpoles and frogs in the marsh area!

“End of Day” Sculpture
The arboretum and bird sanctuary is the perfect setting for this bronze sculpture of sand hill cranes. Artist Dee Clements, a member of the National Sculptors’ Guild, captured the grace of these magnificent native birds. He was commissioned to design this original sculpture for Lauritzen Gardens from his studio in Loveland, Colo.

“Sunflowers, Snowbirds & Lizards” Sculpture
This round bronze sculpture near the arboretum and bird sanctuary entrance beautifully depicts snowbirds as they prepare to dine on the seeds of sunflowers. It was sculpted by Sharles for the city of Palm Desert, Calif. His deep appreciation for birds, fish and reptiles is reflected in his art.

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