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Festival Garden
Nestled at the base of naturalistic limestone walls, perennials, annuals and woody plants are part of this unique garden composition.

The festival garden is the site of many outdoor garden festivals, and can be rented for wedding ceremonies and family celebrations. Its large lawn area is surrounded by ever-changing vibrant colors throughout spring, summer and fall.

From azaleas in the spring to a wide array of mums blooming through fall, the festival garden gives joy to all who take part in its unique beauty.

Among the plants found in the festival garden are amur maple, Japanese anemone, poppy mallow, redbud, northern sea oats, American yellowwood, dogwood, weigela and clove currant.

Geese Fountains
Located at the edge of the festival garden pond, these beautiful fountains formerly adorned a private garden in Omaha. Each goose contains seven pieces that were cast of lead and then welded together. The pair was originally purchased from a small metal craft store near New York City.
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