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Peony Garden

Located near the new English perennial border and between the Victorian garden and Garden in the Glen, a new tree peony garden was developed in 2006. The garden features an extensive collection of Chinese and Japanese tree peonies along with herbaceous peonies.


Few plants are revered like tree peonies. The Chinese tree peony is the national flower of China and was once grown exclusively by the emperor. Tree peonies produce woody stems and do not die back to the ground like herbaceous peonies. They have larger flowers and are available in a wider range of colors. Many varieties of tree peonies have fragrant flowers, or flowers with contrasting centers, adding to their appeal.


With many different varieties featured, the garden has an extended blooming period from late April through early June. This serves as a beautiful segue between the early spring blooms of bulbs and flowering shrubs and the perennials of summer.


Other botanical gardens have peony collections, but few have an entire garden dedicated to peonies. And due to the focus on tree peonies, the peony garden at Lauritzen Gardens is especially unique.


Because peonies originated in China and Japan, the garden has an Asian feel. Focal points of the garden include sculpture, benches and meandering paths.


The tree peony garden is home to what many gardeners consider to be the “King of Flowers.” For hundreds and even thousands of years, Asian gardeners have treasured these spectacular plants. The indescribable beauty of the large silk-looking flower must be seen to be appreciated. There is a variety of colors in this garden, and once you have seen them, you too will find them to be a treasure.


Tree Peony Garden Stats

- 188 total peonies

- 57 tree peonies (30%) and 131 herbaceous peonies (70%)

- Plants were purchased from different nurseries in the U.S.

- The garden was planted in 2006. The peonies will be significantly established in 2011.

- The compact garden area is approximately 3,000 square feet.

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